Zoom Loom and 4x4" squares are a fun and easy craft for both children and adults alike.

               Weaving and Spinning supplies including loom and spinning wheel parts can now be ordered through the shop.

Yarns for weaving can be purchased at the shop or if there is a special order that you want give us a call or drop by and we'll be glad to help.



587 HWY 51   STE C 



601 919 7118


The Southern Needle is  located at Oak Place Shopping Center  in Ridgeland .

601-919-7118  587 Hwy 51 N  STE C


Business hours are:

Tues - Fri 10 - 4pm   Sat 10 - 2 pm.... (not every Saturday)

Love fall and pumpkins and cooler weather.

Shop now open on Saturdays unless there’s baseball for the GS.

Gotta be a Grammy sometimes

Thursday stitching group will once again happen from 430-7p each week

We’ll talk about our upcoming stitch opportunities/projects and get back to our community of stitchers!

Oct 1 is pumpkin ornaments 1030

Oct 5 is charts 130p

Oct 8 is crochet class 1000

Oct 12 is basic hat to knit 130p

Oct 14 is pumpkin ornaments again

****Oct 15 is a baseball day so we’ll see****

If open it’s a learn to knit time 1030

Oct 21 is basic hat again 1000

Oct 22 is Tunisian crochet class 1000

Oct 26 is final pumpkin class 130p

Oct 29 is crochet class 1000

Please call and let me know which class you want to take. It helps me know who is coming and each class is $30 for that class. Covers my time and any handouts there might be for that class.

Come see us for your stitching needs. We’re still struggling from the recession and your business will help keep us open



The sample sale continues and will be available by request.

Sweaters, scarves, hats and other projects are being lined up for fall and winter knitting. 

Select yarns are on sale and limited stock is available in the shop.

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We are proud to be an official LYS supplier of yarn and patterns approved for the knitted knockers organization.